Custom built PCs from £499
3.10 GHz SandyBridge i3
Windows 7 Home Premium
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
19" DVI Monitor

Pre-Built PCs From £350

New Laptops From £350
Dual Core Processor
15.6" HD Screen

Refurbished PCs & Laptops 
from £99*
*Subject to availability

While technology evolves at a rapidly growing rate and things are moving towards 'cloud' services, there are still many of us who own and prefer regular computers. Inevitably these sometimes go wrong, we can help you with PC, Laptop and Tablet computers problems and help you return to the days of happy computing. 

Whether your computer is running slowly or even if it's given up completely, we will get you up and running again and you'll be on Facebook again in no time.

We can offer quotes on new systems and upgrades, advise on the best back up solution for you,  or even just help with any jargon your unclear about. We enjoy what we do and we're happy to help with anything related to our passion. While every business needs to make money to survive, we try to lean more toward helping you make the most of your computer rather than insist you need that new processor or graphics card.

The services we can help with are, 
  • Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive replacements
  • System Health Inspection (an MOT for your computer)
  • Virus, Spyware and Malware removal
  • Operating System troubleshooting
  • Software installation/optimization
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair
  • Laptop Overheating/nVidia Fault
  • Custom Builds
Plus many, many more.

We offer a free no obligation diagnosis service with a 'no fix/no fee' policy so if we are unable to rectify any faults, you pay nothing. So there's no reason not to let us take a look and give a quote.


Laptop screen repair From £90

Replacement Laptop chargers From £30

Replacement Laptop batteries From £60

Hard Drive Replacements From £60

Data Recovery From £30

Computer MOT (running slowly? includes virus removal) £50