We thought we should add a handy page to help with payments.
Please use your Surname and Invoice number for online/digital payments. Otherwise we may not be able to match the payment to your account and you may be invoiced again for the outstanding balance.

We know no one really wants to part with their hard earned cash, we're the same. But we do like to get paid for our hard earned work too.

Cash payments are pretty straight forward, we only need to know if you need a dedicated 'Paid' invoice once we have received your payment.

Paypal payments may be made payable to the address on the invoice you received.

Once 'Logged in' to Paypal, there is a 'Send Money' button on the first page once logged in. Clicking on this button will enable you to enter our details and process the payment.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you can click the button on the right and follow the instructions. 

Please note, While you can use Paypal to send a payment using any Debit or Credit card, Paypal charge a fee and if you select 'Recipient pays fee' the difference will remain an outstanding balance on your invoice.

Bank Transfer
Bank transfers may me made to the account details on the invoice you received.

To transfer money directly from your bank account to our's, you will need to have 'Online Banking' enabled with your bank account, without this feature you will not be able to transfer us payments.

If you do have 'Online Banking' enabled, you will be able to set up a new payment (or for repeat customers, pay an existing person). Unfortunately, due to each online banking service being different, we are unable to give step by step details.