We also offer repairs on all other electronic devices.

Since all electronic devices follow the same basic principles we can offer repairs on most, if not all, makes/models/types of gadget's. From Xbox 360's with the Red Ring of Death, Nintendo DS's that have a broken hinge, TomTom's that need new batteries and DVD players that have stopped reading disks, These are just a few of the repairs that we have carried out. 

We have a high success rate with all of our repairs but we are most proud of our console repairs. This is mainly due to the gratitude we receive  from parents when we are able to return a faulty games console to full working order. This is usually within a 24 hour period too.

We can fix,
  • Playstation YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)
  • Playstation Glitches
  • Playstation Drive Faults (not reading disks)
  • Xbox RROD (Red Ring of Death) 
  • Xbox Drive Faults
  • Nintendo Wii & WiiU Drive Faults
  • Nintendo DS Faults/Damaged
  • PSP Faults/Damage
  • Control Pad Battery Replacements

Is your cupboard full of old things that stopped doing what they're supposed to? We can offer you assistance, just drop us a line and we can arrange to give you a diagnosis. 

All our diagnosis are free and if we cannot fix it, there will be no charge.