Hi, We thought it would be nice to share some of the things we, and our counterparts, take for granted.
Things we know and have found that are useful, important, time saving and/or money saving.
Also some just plain good ideas.
Please note, while some of these recommendations will be for programs we use or have used and believe they are worth a mention, we found no fault or compatability issues although we cannot guarentee they will work correctly on every computer, nor will we accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage, installing or using the software may cause.
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In no particular order:
    Google is awesome, if you type exactly what you are looking for, even if your are not sure how to word it. For example, if you are bored and want to go out, you can type 'what can i do in brighton tonight' and you might get some ideas to save you from a night in front of the TV, try it...
    Spybot Search and Destroy is a handy little free program to help ease your mind while surfing the web, designed to find and remove all those annoying little bugs that you get when downloading files from the net. It's not the newest program out there by any stretch of the imagination, However Spybot is a tested and true veteran of the net annoyance wars, and has a support network of enthusiastic updaters.

    Avast This free anti-virus and internet security solution is, in our opinion, one of the best there is. It has all the standard stuff and it's new version 7 release has a cloud service, meaning everything is scanned before it even reaches your system and it's built in 'boot time scan' function is very useful for removal of the most determined viruses.  

CCleaner  CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download(Windows 7 users, please do not use CCleaners 'registry cleaner' as windows 7 optimises this itself and you might cause yourself some problems)

    Zooming in and out of websites. Sometime when on the web you'll come across a website that's a little too big, or small, for you browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) window. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you can hold down the control (Ctrl) key on the keyboard and zoom in and out of the webpage by scrolling up and down. (This also works with the + and - keys on the numeric pad on the right of the keyboard)
On a laptop this is also possible. If working correctly, the Touchpad also has a 'scroll' function. If you put you finger on the very right hand vertical edge and move it up and down (top to bottom etc) the webpage should scroll up and down, If you hold the control key and use this same 'scroll' movement it will also zoom in and out.
    Dropbox- This handy little program gives you a 'virtual' hard drive. Briefly, it enables you to put anything into a folder on your desktop, then access anything in that folder from any other computer with the software, or even by logging into the website. Most 'smartphones' can also log into the website meaning you can free up your mobile phone memory of photo's but still show off your holiday snap's. The video on the website is very informative and gives you a good idea of it's potential. It also acts as a good introduction to the world of online back up solutions

    Open Office - Some new computers don't come with any real writing programs (Wordpad is mostly useless), there are usually bundled software disk's which can include MS Office or MS Works etc, but for those without or wanting to try something else Open Office is compatible with most other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute. It includes a robust word processor (Word), spreadsheet (Excel) , presentation (PowerPoint), and database (Access).
    Huge Monitor, Most newer Flat Screen LCD and Plasma television sets have a computer input. This simply means it is possible to use your TV as a giant monitor. Simply, this means if you download something, e.g from iTunes, you could watch it without sitting at your computer desk. It is also possible to split the signal from your computer so you can use the monitor for everyday use and then turn your TV to the PC channel when you want to watch something 'Big Screen'.
    Skype To quote thier homepage 'Calling other people on Skype is free so you can talk whenever you want to – not just on special occasions. Call to check in with mum when you’re travelling, give your partner a goodnight kiss via video call when they’re away on business, or use it for your regular calls and catch ups. And, if you know people who don’t use Skype you can call them too at really low rates'.

    Paint.net Many new computer only come 'out of the box' with the 'paint' program as the only option for picture or photo editing, this is its big brother. It's simlilar to Photoshop but be warned, it can be a little complicated to start with. 

Please note, we'll constantly be updating this page as we think of new nuggets of invaluable information to share with you.

Know a handy little trick? let us know and we'll add it here :)